Our Mission

Our Mission at Asha-Rose Bakery is to provide peanut and tree nut free safe homemade baked goods for those with allergies and without.

Asha-Rose Bakery is a local business that started out of a mother's kitchen with love and protection of her child "Asha-Rose" with a life threatening Nut Allergy.

As time passed it became obvious they were not alone in this journey and the homemade products have evolved into Asha-Rose Bakery 100% Nut Free.

We no longer are working out of a home kitchen but a small humble bakery which has now evolved in to us opening a store from at 1062A McDonald Street..


Asha-Rose Bakery 100% Nut Free is a family owned partnership using family recipes handed down for many generations.

Many hours have gone into educating ourselves with food safety and nut allergy awareness. We pride ourselves on education and knowledge to keep our family as well as yours safe from any nut product.

You do not need an allergy to enjoy our baking. Although nut free, it is still the same great taste and texture of home style baking and snacks.